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How to apply and setup Adsterra network

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How to apply and setup Adsterra network

If you are new to Adsterra, this all step guide will show you how to set up an account on Adsterra ad network: registration, adding websites, domain’s verification setup.

#1- If you don’t have an account, register it in ad network Adsterra.

#2. Add your site in ‘Websites’ section, сhoose ad formats (‘ad units’) and press the button ‘Add’.

Wait for your site approvement. You will receive notification on your email. Its will take 5 min to 1 day maximum.

#3. After approve you will see your website in ‘Websites’ section.

Banners setup

  • create the spot in the AdSpyglass ‘Websites’ section with the banner’s size,
  • create a new campaign with banner’s size
  • add each banner manually: copy your banner’s code and ID in Adsterra webmaster panel in ‘Get codes’ section. If you want to use more than one banner on a single page, prove it with your Adsterra’s manager.

9. Add spots codes to website

1) Click ‘All Codes’ button for your site.

Get your codes and paste in your site. Its so simple. My ads bellow this line is Adsterra ads.

If you want different kind of size then click edit and choose another size and wait for approval. I hope it’s also approve within 5 to 10 minutes.

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Q# Does Adsterra work on CPM or CPA?

Adsterra offers the following campaign models: CPM, CPA and CPC. Banners are CPM/CPC/CPA/CPL/CPI. Popunders are CPM/CPA/CPL/CPI/PPI. Webpush ads are CPM/CPC/CPA/CPL/CPI. Native ads are CPM/CPC/CPA/CPL/CPI. VAST ads are CPM/CPA/CPL/CPI.

Q# What is the minimum payout?

Minimum payout amount is $5 for Paxum, Webmoney; $100 for PayPal and Bitcoin; $1000 for Wire Transfer.

Q# What payment methods does Adsterra support?

Adsterra offers the following payment options: Bitcoin, Paypal, Wire transfer, Webmoney and Paxum.

Q# Can I use your ad codes along with other ad network codes?

Yes you can use our codes and also work with other networks, however we would not suggest to oversaturate your site with banners and popunders because advertisers might unlink your domains if they see a low performance with your traffic.

Referral Program

What is Adsterra Referral Program?Adsterra Referral program is very simple! Refer new publishers to Adsterra Network via personal invite link or a creative and earn 5% of their revenue. The more people you refer, the more income you get. The program provides a lifetime commission. Read more about Adsterra Referral Program here

Q# How do I use invite link and creatives effectively?

There are several ways you can refer publishers to Adsterra Network. Here is a list of most popular and successful methods you can try:

  1. Text links – best for blogs and personal websites that have content related to digital marketing: posts or articles about affiliate marketing, ad networks, monetization etc.
  2. Blogs – best for blog owners. Write a positive review about Adsterra Network or a post with website monetization tips and add your invite link within the article.
  3. Friends and colleagues – spread the word about Adsterra Network among your friends and colleagues and help them monetize their traffic with Adsterra Network.
  4. Social Networks – for social network junkies. Write a post, status, or a tweet about your experience with Adsterra Network, include a referral link, and engage your followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.
  5. Comments – best for those who like to be engaged in online communities, like forums, groups, or article discussions. Share your referral link with publishers who are looking for more monetization ways or simply add it to your profile signature.
  6. Contextual Ads – for publishers who like to use AdWords or similar tools. Create a contextual ad that best describes Adsterra Network and add your invite link.
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